DISH Network Channel Guide & Packages Matrix

Jack’s Roll-Your-Own DISH Network Channel Guide

I realized recently I was paying too much for the TV I was actually watching, (we have DISH), so I decided to downgrade my plan. The problem is that the DISH website seems designed to utterly confuse anyone attempting to do what I did, which is get an answer to the question, “what’s the cheapest way to get the channels I want from DISH?”

To start with, they don’t list ALL the channels anywhere, nor do they even have a single page that lists every package they offer. I got the distinct impression that the website was designed to confuse rather than enlighten. Since I watch only six channels, I really didn’t think it made economic sense to pay for their America’s Top 250+ package. Yep, I was paying for 244 channels which I never watch. I’m thinking their business model is similar to that of a fitness club.

Anyway, I finally gave up trying to find the info I needed in a single location on their website, and built this spreadsheet instead. It lists ALL the programs they offer in column 1, and then marks which packages carry that particular channel in the columns to the right.

Please let me know if this is helpful.

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