Goodbye 2012

2012 was a rough year. It’ll be good to have this one behind me.

The year 2012 brought unbelievable blessings and unthinkable wounds. But – like every year before and every year since – the only thing I have control over is my attitude. More than ever, I am content to focus my attention on those things that are Good, that are True, that are Beautiful. Among the people and things who brought me Truth, Goodness and Beauty in 2012 are, (in no particular order):

Caroline, Noa Maloney & Liam Maloney, Chris Heald, Bryanne Heald, Logan & Eli, Patrick Poole, Ashley Collins-Beltran, Fredy and Bella, Matt & Nancy Freeman Halle, Dave & Kim & the Az Jazz Festival, Dave Specht, Cambrian James, Dorman Smith, Hale Center Theater, Amazon, New Egg, Zappos, Dr. Thomas Kruzel, Dr. Casey Johnston, Gavin and his gang at Vintage 95 Wine Bar, Honda, Kathy and Ray Bilinski, Mike Littau, Fedora Linux, Thomas Martinez, Laphroig and Ardbeg single malt scotches, Fernet, Nick and Crystal Coones, Craigslist, HTC phones, Google, David Heald (Jr. & Sr.), Krystina Lynn Mooneyham, Josh Strodtbeck, Roman & Cilette & Gypsy Soul, Jim Nicholson, my folks, my property management company, Martin Guitars, Alesis keyboards, Ghiradelli chocolate, Sprouts Markets, Flag Property Management, Bryant Stanton, Amanda Brumley Holtz, Brian Daniels, Brad & Kadi Strong, Dennis Daniel, Bill Reed, Michael Kielsky, cotton t-shirts, wool socks, linen shirts, sunshine, dry air, a swimming pool in my back yard, good health, opportunities to grow, pain that proves I am still alive, fears that never materialized and love that doesn’t die.

2012 was an awesome year. I’m sorry to see it go…

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