I Love My Bodum Stuff

Bodum makes awesome stuff.

Ok, that’s not entirely fair. I haven’t tried everything they make, but I own several of their 12 ounce coffee mugs and their french press, and they are freaking-awesome. I apologize if you don’t want to read a product review, but when I find something awesome, I have to share it.

I love my Bodum French Coffee Press

The Bodum Coffee Press is a work of art. It is fabulous to look at, feels great in my hands, is super easy to clean but best of all, it makes great coffee without letting any grinds through the filter. For those who are french press coffee addicts like me, you know that the biggest irritation with most french press coffee makers is that the filters suck. Not the Bodum. The seal is silicone and it really seals and really does not leak. The filter itself is a fine mesh steel. Oh, and I forgot to mention that the pot is insulated, so my coffee stays warm in it for quite some time. (I haven’t bothered to time it because I always drink the whole pot before it gets cold, but it is waaaaaaay better than the glass pots I’ve used before.)

Highly recommended.

I also have purchased a bunch of these little babies: the Bodum Double-Walled Cooler Glass. We drink our coffee out of these and it keeps the coffee hot! And they are gorgeous and feel great in my hands.

Bodum Double Wall Beer Glass – but I use them as coffee mugs.

Yes, you can buy cheaper coffee presses and cheaper mugs. But if you love your coffee and you love fabulous workmanship and you love things that look good in your home, you’ll love owning Bodum stuff.

Or at least the stuff I recommend here.


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