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The Princess, The Donkey and a Crystal Bell

Isabella is broken-hearted. Because of her selfish, impulsive act, her father’s crystal bell was stolen. Determined to atone for her actions and to restore her father’s happiness, Isabella sets off to track the thief and recover the stolen treasure.

On her adventures, she meets a donkey named  Prince Logan the donkey who helps her on her quest as well as a mysterious wizard who shows up to help at the most unexpected times.

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Buy High Sell Low – Lessons and Warnings for Beginning Traders

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As a beginning trader back in 2007, if I’d have known how much money I was going to lose, (almost $50,000), and how long it would take me to learn to trade successfully, I might never have even started. It was a rough go. But I persevered and figured it out. This book is what I learned. Well, not everything I learned, but it is everything any beginning trader needs to know. These lessons cost me $50k; they’ll cost you the price of a book. If you are thinking about trading, or know someone who is, buy this book now.

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