Pacific Rim: Way Better than the Trailer – and Superman

Unlike Superman, Pacific Rim Does Not Suck

Yes, the trailers for Pacific Rim look like “Godzilla vs. Megatron” with a $200 million budget. When I saw the trailers, I said to myself, (as selves are prone to do under such circumstances), “I won’t be seeing that idiotic waste of money.”

Then I spoke with Son Number One and he gave it the big Thumb’s Up. Since he and I share many of the same tastes in humor and movies, I figured it might not entirely, totally suck. And when The Stepson asked me to take it to him I figured, “what the hey…”

Man, talk about being pleasantly surprised! This is easily the best bang for your summer cinematic buck. Pacific-Rim-Movie-Poster-Gipsy-Danger1

Pacific Rim is the best summer blockbuster by far. Yes, it is indeed “godzilla vs megatron”, but they do the whole thing with such a great sense of humor and fun that it does NOT leave you rolling your eyes and saying “C’mon, man!” under your breath. IOW, they’re having a good time with giant monsters, a silly plot and a huge budget and – with a bit of a wink and a smile – are inviting us to play along. And it’s darned fun play.

Unlike the overwrought Superman, which was just too damn earnest for its own good, Pacific Rim doesn’t try to be anything other than 2 hours of just good old fashioned Good Guys Facing Overwhelming Odds fighting Bad Guys in Spite of the Hopelessness Of Their Cause. Think Star Wars with robots and alien dinosaurs instead of Droids and Death Stars. Just as much fun, just as ridiculous, just as entertaining.

See it. Without question – go see it in the theater with the surround sound and the high-back stadium seats and a bucket o’ popcorn. I promise, you’ll have fun.


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