Thank God the Regulators Were Nowhere to be Seen

“Spontaneous order.” That’s what we anarcho-capitalists believe will occur quite naturally once all the tin-pot dictators, regulators, bureaucrats and government planners get out of our way.

…”spontaneous order” is typically used to describe the emergence of various kinds of social orders from a combination of self-interested individuals who are not intentionally trying to create order through planning.

Is spontaneous order a fantasy? Does everything require highly-trained planners and regulators and organizers and overseers to get anything done?

Or is spontaneous order something humans do naturally.

We now have irrefutable proof that spontaneous order not only can but does emerge to serve the needs of people. And it does so without any aid from government, bureaucrats or planners.

The Date: September 11, 2001
The Place: The Waterfront on Lower Manhattan
The Event: The largest boatlift in the history of mankind – 500,000 people evacuated in less than 9 hours
Planning Time: Zero

They saw a need. They filled it. And it was absolutely stunning in its speed, scale and effect.

Watch, learn and then believe in the power of spontaneous organization.

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