Never Apologize

There are two types of apologies:

  1. An apology for what you did
  2. An apology for what you are

Sometimes the first type of apology is appropriate. Sometimes what you did was wrong, or thoughtless or self-indulgent and it hurt someone. You could have chosen differently.

But the second type apology is never appropriate.

It is wrong to apologize for something beyond your control. And it is wrong for anyone else to expect it.

Never, never, never apologize for what you are.

Remind me not to do that again…

Okay, so I was up till Oh-Dark-Thirty yesterday, which is not a Good Thing for me. MBB’s daughter Ashley, who lives with us, is dealing with walking pneumonia right now, as is her daughter Bella. Yesterday afternoon, MBB announced that she felt lousy and wished she had canceled work, (she was scheduled for the night shift again.) Then about 5:00 it hit me. Ugh. Head, belly, tired. Fortunately, the registry called and canceled MBB so she was able to sleep. But I had committed to help with yardwork at the church this morning, so at 5:00 I was up and getting ready. At the church at 5:30, mowed for 2 hours and then came home and went right back to bed. Not excited about doing anything else today, but there is yet much to do.

Note to self: don’t stay up so late.