I thought by the time I was this age I would finally have it all figured out. By “it” I mean “Life”.  “How to do it.” The “Big Questions” finally answered. But no.

I thought that by this age:

  • I’d be financially set. Wrong!
  • I’d still be married. Wrong!
  • I’d have lots of really good friends. Wrong!
  • I’d have work that was deeply satisfying and made a difference. Wrong!
  • I’d be surrounded by happy family. Wrong!
  • I’d have put down roots and be well known and respected in my community. Wrong!
  • All my questions about life, God, love, happiness, success would be mostly answered. Wrong! 
  • I would no longer feel like I was making it up every single day. Wrong!

Literally nothing in my life has worked out the way I imagined. Nothing. Not one blessed thing. And life just keeps throwing me curve balls at me. And I keep swinging and missing.

Apparently, I’m not doing something right.

I wonder what it is.

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