Be Present

Be here now

Be present. Have a bias for action – in the present.

That’s why you run with bulls in Pomplona rather than think about running with the bulls. That’s why you strap on the helmet and jump out of the plane rather than thinking about it.

Be present now. Be biased toward action right now – in this present moment.

A bias for action…

That’s why shit happens rather than not happening. But that is also why amazing things happen rather than not happening.

Thinking about stuff makes nothing happen. Doing stuff makes stuff happen.

So why this bias for inaction, oh man? Why this sitting around philosophizing while time passes and nothing happens.

Do you aspire to become mold? Is your highest hope in life to be a fungus that molders away there in your chair?

If not, then act.

Do something, anything. Make something happen. Be present.


You have few resources? Bullshit. Make something happen with the whatever you do have.

You have no time? Bullshit. You have 168 hours a week. The exact same as everyone else who ever lived or ever will.

You don’t have the energy? Bullshit. You have the energy to do what you want.


Remember the lesson – you get what you want. And that means that right now, right this minute, you are getting what you are wanting.

What you want right this minute is demonstrated by what you do and how you do it.

You have only this present moment. Be in this present moment. Make use of your body or you will lose it. Be present in your body right now.

For once you cease to be present in your body, you will cease to exist as you.

This is death.

line-dividers-clipart-11So in your body right now, do the things that are before you. Set your hand to doing and do it.

And in your doing, pay attention. Do it as best you can with all your attention and focus. Learn as you do and get better as you do.

Perhaps you will create something that will cause your name to be spoken about 500 years from now. But even if you do create such a work, you will be exist in a form that cannot feel pride in that work, except as pride in the work of someone who is no longer you.

line-dividers-clipart-11So do work now that you are proud of now so that now you can enjoy it and now you can relish it. Because once you are gone, there will be no more now.

There is only the work of the moment, only this present.

Be in your body however you must be. Be focused. Be present. Be real. Be honest.

Do not be conniving or convincing.

Be real.

Be present.


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